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What is Valley Pool Consultants and Construction, LLC?
Valley Pool Consultants and Construction, LLC is a popularly accepted alternative to building your own dream pool. In the state of Arizona, you can act as your own general contractor on your own property. The minimum criteria for an owner-builder project is that you must live in the home and be the current owner who does not intend for the property to be sold within two years after pool construction.

Do I need construction knowledge on building a pool?
No way! No how! In fact, that's the whole reason you have Valley Pool Consultants and Construction, LLC. We can offer you a choice of superior subcontractors who certainly know their trade in construction. We become your project manager and are with you every step of the way before, during, and after construction.

Is Valley Pool Consultants and Construction, LLC a licensed company?
Yes! In fact, we are bonded and insured as well. We are one of of a few companies who request certificate of insurance renewals from subcontractors we recommend to you. Everyone who shows up to work on your pool is covered.

Are the warranties different for owner-builder programs?
Absolutely not! In fact all contractors must abide by the Arizona State Registrar of Contractors in regards to a minimum two-year warranty on workmanship, materials, and labor. The pool equipment warranties are held by the manufacturer for three years.

Who do I contact if I have a warranty issue?
All calls - the good, the bad, and the in-between - start with Valley Pool Consultants and Construction, LLC. We will listen to your problem or concern, get details, and send the appropriate people to investigate and repair the issue at hand.

Will I save money using the owner-builder program?
Since profit margins vary from pool builder to pool builder and each lot and house are unique, that is the most difficult question to answer. We can tell you that most all of our clients who did do comparison bids with a few pool companies did save money using Valley Pool Consultants and Construction, LLC. More importantly is the quality of construction and the customer service offered. Money is certainly a factor, but most people know cheap price usually means cheaply built. Besides the savings, homeowners are happy to "pay as you go", rather than pay approximately 1/3 of the pool costs up front and be at the mercy of the pool company to start construction. Keep in mind our projects are continuously quality-audited for time and costs, from start to finish.

What type of materials are used?
We can supply anything the pool industry has to offer. The choices are endless. We will supply you with all the current information on whatever you choose.