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Hold on to your swim trunks on this one . . .

Most of our projects can be completed in about 30 days. Just check our testimonials and most can verify the reality of the construction time. Since we work six days a week, most of our subcontractors choose to do as well. Working on a Saturday can really help move the construction process.

The subcontractors we recommend are not chosen by price. We are not interested in the cheapest. We choose by quality and consistency and have collected the "superbowl team" of pool subcontractors. These are not the new kids on the block and, in fact, most are owner-operated as well. We simply have a higher level of mutual respect and accountability between Valley Pool Consultants and Construction, LLC and the subcontractors we recommend. We take each job seriously - as if it were being built in our own backyard and expect the subcontractors to do the same.

Rest assured, your pool project is quality audited throughout the construction process. Your pool designer is in charge of the quality auditing of the project - that means a personal interest in your backyard. Not many companies use their designers as auditors.

Help Us Help You -
Key Points to Expedite Construction

1. Keep all pets out of yard during construction. Your yard is a construction site for approximately 30 days. If we have to schedule around animals, it will cause frustration and delays. Please plan for your pets during construction.

Keep all access gates unlocked (not open). This helps in keeping construction on the move and gets repairs made more quickly.

Review your plan. Review your plan. Your pool will be built to written plan, not verbal instructions. Make sure you take the time to review the plan before signing the contract. Changes cause delays and increase the chance for errors.

Supply the designer with current and correct information on your property. Plots plans and the exact city/municipality that the project will be built in are very important. We also need complete address and phone numbers.

The jobsite is not a playground. Please keep children and adults away from the construction. It's for everyone's safety.

Do not plan for any parties. When you set a date, it turns unto a "beat the clock" scenario and potentially invites Murphy's Law into play.